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There are times in your life where you may feel stuck, don't have a clear picture of who or how you are here to be, feel, and live in this world. You may not have clarity on your unique purpose. The world outside of you may give you a narrative that is often opposite of what your heart (and gut) says is true for you. Living and being your true authentic self is one of the key pillars of wellness. As your mentor, I am here to provide clarity, guidance and support as you learn to listen to that voice inside; guide you to transform and shift your thoughts, your energy, your daily habits and true purpose - all from a compassionate and nurturing space so that you can live your best life; full of energy, vitality and purpose. How?

Through Integra Wellness & Lifestyle

Integra Wellness & Lifestyle addresses the Whole You, from mind, to body, to spirit and soul. This four-pillared approach to self care allows you to integrate all parts from a place of integrity. 

We are all a composition of all of these four parts:

  1. Our Mind, where we have productive thoughts and emotions, or not; 

  2. Our Body, where function and vitality is improved or inhibited by our choices in food and movement; 

  3. Our Spirit, that’s given the opportunity to ground, align and connect with something greater than ourselves, or not; 

  4. Our Soul, that craves the path of your true purpose.


With intuition and guidance, I weave together a self care plan that fits your own unique needs. Each piece is integral and can either be addressed separately or as a whole to attain lasting effects. I offer my clients intuitive guidance and insights to integrate these four integral parts with integrity, through our journey together. 

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