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intuitive. cosmic visionary. guide. mentor

I have always had a love of learning and understanding myself and others from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. When I received my nutrition certification in 2013, I knew there was more I wanted to offer. I saw how my own healing path included holistic nutrition, but also mind and spirit modalities to achieve the balance, health and vitality I was needing. I found an amazing program called Food and Spirit, which combined nutrition and body, mind and spirit techniques, that allowed me to approach the whole person. I also added emotional release techniques such as E-motion and hypnotherapy, as well as subtle body energy healing. 


As my own healing path evolved, so did my craving to learn more. My longtime love of learning and understanding astrology, I Ching, and other divination techniques led me to Human Design and further, Quantum Human Design, where I finally connected with who I truly was and my own life purpose. I also became a Quantum Human Design Specialist and am a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner. This knowledge, wisdom and experience gives me the tools to guide and lead my clients how to tap into their own way of being, shift and transform any blocks that may be holding them back and gain a clearer understanding of their life's purpose.

Are you ready for your next steps in transformation?

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