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psychic. medium. spiritual guide. mentor

Early in life, I had profound connections with spirits and other multidimensional beings. As my spiritual practice and connection with my guides evolved, so did my understanding of others from a mind, body, spirit and soul purpose perspective. 

As an adult, I began integrating a number of spiritual techniques, from human design to energy healing and deep wisdom from my guides to help clients make major transformations in their lives. Clients also began approaching me to connect with their departed loved ones, but also to clear their homes and business spaces of spirits and negative energy, and my practice grew exponentially. My natural ability to connect and cross over trapped spirits and clear the home’s energy have since then helped so many to bring positivity back their lives. I now mentor others to connect with their guides, angels and Spirit, unlocking their true potential and gifts.

I also host “The Integra Podcast”, bringing my listeners Inspiration, Wisdom and Wellness (and some woo) as I interviews leaders in the fields of wellness, spiritual guidance and functional medicine.

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