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Work with Heather

As loving and creative beings, we want to nurture, support and take care of others. But, when we aren't honoring ourselves and living in integrity and true authenticity - meaning we aren't serving ourselves first and others from the overflow, we can have loss of vitality, feel depleted and eventually burn out. I personally have experienced this in my own life and I have walked in those shoes. I've also come out the other side through an array of modalities. As your mentor, I am here to provide clarity, guidance and support so that you can live your best life; full of energy, vitality and purpose.  I help you transform and shift into your best possible using mind/body techniques, emotional release and energy work. 

The Integra Wellness  & Lifestyle addresses the Whole You, from mind, to body, to spirit and soul.

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Need more clarity on what is right for you? Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute Clarity Session.

Blue Flowers

Needing more clarity?

Not finding a time that works for you? Or want to find out more about the services? Book 30 minutes with me to gain more insight and take next steps to support and guide you to live more on purpose. 

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